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We use a non-UV process in our press to add a super high shine gloss coating to your card flyers, which gives a spectacularly glossy shine to your design. We print on a heavy 350gsm card & use our computer controller Cutter to cut your leaflets to your shape. Upload an extra pdf just containing the shape for your leaflet to be cut to. Please keep the shape as a vector using applications such as illustrator to design your shape. We recommend designing your artwork, duplicating the file then making
a new layer with just the shape to cut, then deleting the print design before saving as a seperate file containing just the shape. This method should make it easier for you to keep your shape in line with your print artwork. The gloss coating is applied to one side of your flyer so please indicate which side to add the Super Gloss coating to.


  1. High Glossy Applied on one Sided.
  2. Superior Quality Printed, Affordable Prices.
  3. Turnaround Very Fast Service, We Dispatched within 4-5 working days and sent via next day courier service not including the day you order.
  4. Artwork print templates to download.
  5. Upload artwork as PDF for the best results.
  6. Note: Production is started once artwork is approved & order is payed.


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